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Monday, April 29, 2019

Non-hosted Google Adsense is not acceptable due to the reason

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Non-hosted Google Adsense is not acceptable due to the reason

Non-hosted Google Adsense is not acceptable due to the reason

Before applying for AdSense, check that the following written articles on your website are OK!

Less content:

We apply for AdSense after a few days of making the website. It can not be done. Day after at least 2-3 months.

Content type

Before applying in AdSense, always keep an eye on what content you are publishing. Must be content, copy paste without them. It is not possible to get an AdSense account after copying the copy, because the Adsense Original does not want to show ad content on the site. We write content for the user which is always to be a friendly search engine. There are a few things you need to keep in mind that in no way can you use copyrighted images or content in the site, it is against their policies. Also, refrain from publishing articles written on pornography, hacking, game-related or illegal articles. Of course your content will be according to the Google content policy. Otherwise your AdSense will not be approved. Just enter blog content in normal rules only then get quick approval.

Site Design and Navigation:

The design of the site is very important. Designing your site proves your skill, so design your site in such a way that it does not seem that the site is very new and yet the work is going on. Google does not offer Adsense Approval at the Under Construction website. 90% of sites designed with elegant colors and extra colorful backgrounds do not get the approval, so be careful in these cases. Also, the Navigation Level of the site should be ezed and site pages and link structures must be done.

Website Speed:

Many of us do not care about it. This must be seen.
The site speed score will be 80+ all the time. And if you can do 100-100, it is even better
Make some important pages
Privacy Policy Page: This is a very common mistake that everyone has. Google gives a lot of importance to the privacy policy of a site. Privacy Policy Basically what your visitors and readers should and should not do, what they get on your blog and discuss how you use your blog. So it's important to have a Privacy Policy page in general. If you can create a privacy policy page on your own, then read some Privacy Policy pages on the site to see what or how to write.

About Us Page:

The About Us page is also very important for getting AdSense ads on your site. If you apply for AdSense without making this page, then the possibility of getting your Adsense Effective is very low. The About Us page basically talks about you or your site. How Sataa starts, who or who carries out this site and discusses what the topic is about. About Us The main element of the page. For this reason, you must first create a About Us page before applying for AdSense. Visit some of the sites and read about their About Us page and start writing.

Contact Us Page:

Contact Us page basically allows your visitors and readers to contact you. If you find your readers through the Contact Us page, that means you care for your visitors and readers who prefer AdSense. So make sure to create a Contact Us page on your site.

Top level domains will be the end of the days of getting Adsense. There was a time when adsense could easily be found by applying sub-domains. But now you have to change this policy. Now to get quick Adsense fast, your blog must be the top-level domain such as com, net, org etc. Those who were dreaming of getting Adsense by blogspot or sub domain, they just bought a top level domain. It will be a lot of trusted offs for you. The top level domain is also vital for the visitors to get better response.

Do not solve the problem again

Do not give up on Google Adsense again and again. It can blacklist your domain. This can not be applied to your domain later. Google offers Google search after giving 1st application. Your job will be to fix Google's problem and then give it to the application.

Google Webmaster and Google Analytics

You must first set up Google Webmaster and Google Analytics before applying AdSense and fix it if you have problems and then apply it.

Other ad networks:

There are many ads that Google policy does not support.
Such as popup, pop under ads There are also many more add-ons that Google does not support. If those ads are on the site then remove the ads. Then give the appay.

Apply the above mentioned topics correctly and then apply to Adsense. If everything is okay, Insha Allah is the time to get your AdSense Approval!
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